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Allied is on the leading edge of industry product knowledge and continually invests in the latest new products. The following are some of the specialized equipment Allied uses to get the job done efficiently:

Specialized Equipment Used For Precision Alignment, Vibration Analysis and Equipment Setting Microlog Machinery Condition Monitoring System

Microlog Collector / Analyzer This is a lightweight, hand-held data acquisition and storage terminal used for collecting machinery vibration, temperature data and performing detailed analysis in harsh environments.

Host Computer with PRISM2 Software This works with Microlog to manage collected data. It does automatic uploading, sorting, storing and pre-analyzing of data. It also displays and prints various plots and reports for analyzing machinery condition.

Support Module This provides interconnection of Microlog and host computer, and charges the battery.

Combi-Laser Alignment System This is for rapid, precision shaft to shaft alignment of rotating equipment. It includes software analyses and ease of alignment.

Rotalign Laser Sharft Alignment System This item displays the coupling offset and angularity, the position of the front and back feet and whether or not the alignment is within tolerance, both vertically and horizontally.

Topcon AG-2 Transit Starrett No. 199 Master Precision Level Used for leveling of machinery and machinery baseplates to within a precision of 0.0005 inches/foot

Precision Dial Indicators Used for alignment of machinery, 0.001 inches/division.

Rigging Equipment Utilizing various lifting slings, clevises, chains, etc. for maneuvering machinery.

Specialized Equipment for Underwater Services Underwater closed circuit TV to record and document work above and below water Remote operated vehicle 54” dual lock compression chamber Truckable barges