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“When you’re in a bad situation and call Allied, you know your worries are over. They actually care about our plant and take pride in their work.” - Charlie Becker, Supervisor of Maintenance, Sycamore Creek and Polk Run Treatment Plants, Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District


An excessive rain occurred causing flooding throughout the area, including the Sycamore Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Allied already had personnel at two other locations – another wastewater treatment plant and a factory – when they received a call from Sycamore Creek.


The plant flooded so quickly there was nothing the staff could do. They needed outside help to remove water from the plant and get it back up and functioning quickly.


Allied was called and responded immediately with personnel to set up pumps and begin the process of draining water from the plant. They worked with operations and maintenance staff to keep the online functions operating while they addressed the flooding. By midnight, about 12 hours after they were called, Allied had the Sycamore Creek Treatment plant operational. In order to complete the job of repairing the flood damage to the plant, Allied worked for six months with an average of six persons, ranging from 2 to 10 people, on site during this time.

Allied is well rounded with experience and has the technical expertise to get the job done right.

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