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“Allied put a crew together quickly. They were reliable and knowledgeable, and they provided great service as they restored our waste water discharge system.” - Aaron Abdon, Assistant Landfill Operations Manager, Rumpke


Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc. owns and manages the largest landfill in Greater Cincinnati. Landfill operations include an automated waste water discharge system that pumps waste water from containment cells. This system pumps the waste water through a 5,000 foot pipe routed through the woods and under a public roadway.


After routine maintenance, solids from inside the pipe became dislodged completely blocking the waste water system. There was not enough time to clear the pipe blockage, nor to determine the clog location to set up a by-pass. Rumpke did not have adequate lengths of contingency pipe to assemble alternative drainage on site. Leaving no other option but to shut down the system until assistance arrived, a decision that required a significant amount of contingency storage.


Rumpke contacted Allied at about 10 p.m. Although it was after hours, they responded immediately:

Allied’s timely and accurate response in the middle of the night allowed Rumpke to remain to maintain compliance and ensure uninterrupted operations the following day.

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